LDACA (Learning Difficulties + ADHD California) is a content resource website aiming to deliver useful information around the topic of ADHD and other learning difficulties.

Not only do we explore what ADHD is, but also several aspects of the condition that are lesser known to help more people out there understand it.

The information on LDACA should never be taken as medical advice, it is purely for informational purposes.

If you believe you, or someone you know has ADHD or a learning difficulty, you should always speak to your doctor for medical advice.

The aim of LDACA is to get our readers to:

  • Take learning difficulties seriously
  • Learn more about ADHD
  • Understand the lesser known sides of ADHD
  • Provide support for those with ADHD and learning difficulties

Our main focus of this site is into the research of ADHD, but we do have other learning difficulties in our sights after our team grows.

So who is LDACA? Well, let’s meet the team:

LDACA: Meet The Team

Chris Dedos, Head Writer

Chris Dedos Profile

Chris Dedos: Head Writer
email: chris@ldaca.org

Chris Dedos is our head writer and researcher at LDACA. His main responsibility is producing content for the site to give our readers a wide range of ADHD information.

Chris Dedos has been diagnosed with ADHD, and is always on the lookout for more information, strategies and techniques to help improve and manage his condition.

When he’s not hard at work on LDACA’s content platform, Chris’s hobbies (not obsessions!) include running, bouldering and cooking to keep both his mind and his body healthy.

You can find out more about Chris on his company profile here below:

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